The RHCSA experimental configuration 11-15

Ensurepass    1.       The entire file system to find the owner of Natasha's file, copy to / root / found / under.       2.       Create an account jean the specified uid 4332.       3.       Configure a FTP server and allow local user to login across reboots and anonymous download should be enabled.         4.       Read more [...]

The RHCSA experimental configuration 6-10

Ensurepass  1.       Create / command directory, belongs to the manager, the same group has read and write permissions, and others do not have any permissions, files created in the group are part of the group, and the others cannot be deleted.         2.       Turn on your kernel to forward packets function.        3.       Configure yum source, software source Read more [...]

The RHCSA experimental configuration 1-5

Ensurepass  1.       Crack the root password.           2.       Set the system network parameters: IP subnet mask, gateway, DNS.           3.       Modify the / home partition to 100M (size can allow a certain error), you cannot damage the original data.           4.       Create a new LVM, Read more [...]