Latest Avaya 7003-1 Real Exam Download 51-60

EnsurepassQUESTION 51 Click the Exhibit button. A technician is performing an upgrade of existing Communication Server 1000E Rls. 6.0 servers from the Deployment Servers. The system is pre-configured and the status is un-deployed. The server has been selected, but the Deployment Actions pull-down list does not include the choice to deploy. Which two corrective actions must be taken to continue with deployment? (Choose two)   A. Click the radio button associated with the server B. Click Read more [...]

Latest Avaya 7003-1 Real Exam Download 41-50

EnsurepassQUESTION 41 A customer with an existing Communication (CS) 1000E 6.0 system is upgrading to a CS 1000E Rls. 7x HA system. As a part of this upgrade, the CPPM Signaling Servers are being decommissioned and replaced with CPDC signaling servers. Which two methods can be used to restore the original IP Telephony node configuration to the CS 1000E Rls. 7x HA system? (Choose two)   A. Import the original IP Telephone Node File from the upgraded Call Servers database. B. Import the original Read more [...]

Latest Avaya 7003-1 Real Exam Download 31-40

EnsurepassQUESTION 31 A customer with a Communication Server (CS) 1000E 5.5 HA system with IPMG systems and dual ISP 1100 signaling Servers is upgrading their system to release 7x. The ISP 100 Signaling Servers are being replaced with CPDC servers. The contents of the upgrade kit have been installed and the maintenance terminal connection has been established. What are three other upgrades tasks to be completed? (Choose three)   A. Insert a large system security device. B. Insert the bootable Read more [...]

Latest Avaya 7003-1 Real Exam Download 21-30

EnsurepassQUESTION 21 A customer with a Communications Server (CS) Rls. 6.0 HA system with two IPMGs and dual CPPM signaling Servers is upgrading their system to release 7x with Avaya Aura integration with Session Manager. The system is part of an IP peer network that includes a NRS database that needs to be converted and imported into the System Managre. Which upgrade setup is correct?   A. Use NRS manager to download the NRS backup file to compact flash and upload the nrs.xml file into Read more [...]

Latest Avaya 7003-1 Real Exam Download 11-20

EnsurepassQUESTION 11 A technician has just installed and configured a System Manager as the primary security Server and configured a Member Security Server with the Element Manager and Subscriber Manager Applications deployed. The Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7x Call Server is part of this server security domain. All connections are up and running. When the new CS 1000 Rls. 7x system link on the elements window is clicked, the web browser returns with the following message. “Destination Read more [...]

Latest Avaya 7003-1 Real Exam Download 1-10

EnsurepassQUESTION 1 A technician deployed a Communication Server 1000E with dual homing feature configured. Both the T and 2T ports are connected on the media Gateway Controller (MGC) one connection is active to avoid network loops. Which two statements are true, if the connection to the active port on the MGC is host? (Choose two) A. The MGC will issue a link down error. B. The MGC will switch to the active pert. C. The MGC and CPPM will have no loss of service. D. The MGC will switch Read more [...]