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You are a software developer who wants to start developing mobile apps for smartphones. You have the option to develop apps for an open-source operating system. Which of the following could persuade you to focus your development efforts on the open-source operating system?


A.        An open-source license will never be in the public domain.

B.        Source code for an open-source app is not viewable and cannot be modified.

C.        Open-source operating systems and development tools are free from software bugs and viruses.

D.        The operating system and associated development tools are free, provided you comply with the copy left license.

Correct Answer: D




Acme Company has been receiving complaints from its suppliers saying that its extra net site does not render correctly in all their employees’ browsers. The suppliers are asking that the extra net site be fixed so that everyone can access it, regardless of browser type. When examining this problem, the Acme Web Development team finds that many developers worked on the site and each used code that he or she was comfortable with. To resolve this problem, what can the Acme developers do?


A.      Edit the code so that it consistently uses uppercase letters.

B.      Edit the code in several common browsers before publishing.

C.      Edit the code so that it conforms to a single W3C HTML standard.

D.      Edit the code so that it follows a single W3C scripting language standard.


Correct Answer: C




What does the following represent?


2E22: 4F00: 000E: 00D0:A267:97FF:FE6E:FE34


A.      A MAC address

B.      AnlPv4address

C.      An IPv6 address

D.      An IP diagnostic loopback address

Correct Answer: C



You need to center and indent a quote on your Web page. Which is the best way to accomplish this using HTML5?


A.      Use the <pre> element.

B.      Use the <blockquote> element.

C.      Use the style attribute 1%Iith the <p> tag.

D.      Use the text-align attribute with the <p> tag.

Correct Answer: B



Which of the following strategies will help protect your computer against virus attacks?


A.      Perform regular backups of your hard drive.

B.      Open e-mail attachments only from unknown senders.

C.      Update the definitions for your malware protection application frequently.

D.      Configure security settings for your Web browser to the lowest possible level.

Correct Answer: C



The official CIW Web site has an IP address of Which technology allows Web users to enter the URL www.ClWcert/u/ecl,com in the browser address bar to access the site, instead of having to remember and enter the IP address?


A.      SSL

B.      DNS

C.      HTTP

D.      NNTP

Correct Answer: B




Which of the following is generally a component of a BYOD policy?


A.      Scope of control

B.      Insurance on devices

C.      Maintenance provision

D.      Device replacement or upgrade

Correct Answer: A




Selena has decided to change a 32-character unique wireless network name on her wireless router to improve network security after a break-in. She is following advice from CERT to make this change in order to avoid attacks from botnets. Which of the following settings would she modify?


A.      Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) signal

B.      Media Access Control (MAC) address

C.      Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)

D.      Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Correct Answer: D




Raoul has received a file attachment from a known individual. He has no reason to expect files from this individual. Which of the following is an effective security strategy for Raoul to take?


A.        Open the file attachment and use anti-virus software to scan it.

B.        Before opening the attachment, use anti-virus software to scan the system’s hard disk.

C.        Make back-up copies of important files so that it is possible to recover them in case of an incident.

D.        Before opening the attachment, call or send a text or instant message to the individual to verify that he or she meant to send it.

Correct Answer: D



Henry is the network manager at XYY Corporation, a large manufacturing company that competes in the global market. The company’s computing environment is extremely complex and includes several proprietary software systems, all of which require custom configuration of network devices to operate correctly. The company’s executive management team believes that they can benefit by switching the company over to any cloud-based service. Henry disagrees. What is a disadvantage of cloud-based services that Henry can cite to support his position?


A.      Cloud-based services provide no maintenance or support.

B.      Cloud-based services are typically more costly than in-house solutions.

C.      The company must typically purchase additional servers to support connections to these types of cloud-based service providers.

D.      Cloud-based services are typically more limited in offerings and configurations than the company currently supports in-house.

Correct Answer: D




Which line of code uses the correct syntax to apply an external CSS style sheet to HTML documents?


A.      <link rel=stylesheet type=css href=syb/syb.css/>

B.      <style ref =stylesheet type=text/css href=syb/syb.css/>

C.      <style ref=“stylesheet” type=“css” href=“syb/syb.css”/>

D.      <link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href=“syb/syb .css”/>

Correct Answer: D


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