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You have just checked the balance in your bank account by logging into your bank’s Web site. Which protocol was most likely used for the transmission of your information?


A.      IMAPS

B.      HTTPS

C.      POP3

D.      FTPS

Correct Answer: B




You can use the HTML <input>, <select> and <text area> tags to create form fields in a Web page by placing them between the <form> /form> container tags. Which attribute is used with the <input> element to designate the fields that will appear in the form?


A.      The type attribute

B.      The name attribute

C.      The value attribute

D.      The action attribute

Correct Answer: A




Which term describes the practice of actively collecting wireless networking data from companies and individuals?


A.      War driving

B.      Spear phishing

C.      Dictionary attack

D.      Social engineering

Correct Answer: A






Your Web browser is currently open and displaying a popular sports site. You decide that you want to browse to the CIW site without closing the browser. What is the most efficient way to accomplish this?


A.      By performing a search on your computer for the term “CIW”

B.      By performing a search within the site currently displayed in your Web browser

C.      By typing in the FTP address ( in the address bar of your Web browser

D.      By typing the CIW site’s URL ( in the address bar of your Web browser

Correct Answer: D




What should be your first step when troubleshooting a network connection that uses a cable modem?


A.      Ping the proxy server.

B.      Ping the default gateway.

C.      Ping local devices using their DNS names.

D.      Ping local devices using their IP addresses.

Correct Answer: D




The Windows Device Manager is a tool that enables you to perform a variety of tasks, including:


A.      Map to a printer.

B.      Ping an IP address.

C.      Defragment a hard drive.

D.      Change a resource assignment.

Correct Answer: D




You have 20 remote employees flying in to attend a corporate meeting. The morning of travel day, the administrator tells you that the hotel reservations have changed. What is the best way to send each traveling employee a quick message with the new hotel information?


A.      Update the meeting agenda with the hotel information.

B.      Post an announcement to the company’s Web site with the new hotel information.

C.      Call each stakeholder and leave a message with the address of the hotel.

D.      Send a text message with the hotel information to the mobile phone of each traveler.

Correct Answer: D




You use a proprietary Windows-based program to generate architectural drawings and plans for your freelance drafting business. You have a personal Web site and would like to share samples of your work for potential new customers to review. To which file format should you convert your drawings so that they are viewable regardless of the local operating system used by the individual viewing your site?


A.      PDF

B.      MP3

C.      DOC

D.      XML

Correct Answer: A




Aisha is coding a Web site using a GUI HTML editor. She wants to quickly check her code for errors and compliance with HTML standards as she works. How can she best accomplish this?


A.      Render and validate the code using

B.      Render the code with a browser to see if it looks correct.

C.      Validate the code using

D.      Validate the code using the GUI Validator.

Correct Answer: D




The capabilities of cellular networks have improved greatly since their original development for analog voice phone calls. Most recently, fourth-generation (4G) wireless supports a variety of data-intensive needs. A benefit of 4G networks is that they:


A.      Use spread-spectrum technology to ensure high transmission rates.

B.      Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to DSL or broadband-cable.

C.      Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to high-speed dial-up connections.

D.      Enable bandwidth throttling, allowing the user access to unrestricted download speeds.

Correct Answer: B


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