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Ben has reviewed surveys from a selected pool of potential site visitors. What should he do first with this valuable information?


A.      Design navigation schemes to direct visitors to promotional pages.

B.      Create a set of user behavior scenarios to use in a "bottom-up" approach to site design.

C.      Populate a database with information about prospective customers for a targeted e-mail campaign.

D.      Establish a page layout template that enables visitors to easily scan for content that interests them.

Correct Answer: B




Your friend sent you a Flash movie by e-mail. You want to download it and make changes to it, but when you try to open it in Flash, the movie only plays back. What is the reason for this?


A.      The movie is corrupted and cannot be edited.

B.      The movie is in FLA format and cannot be edited.

C.      The movie is in SWF format and cannot be edited.

D.      The movie was created with a version of Flash that is incompatible with your version.

Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is true of both SWF and SVG file formats?


A.      Both can be streamed.

B.      Both are open industry standards.

C.      Both are W3C Recommendations.

D.      Both describe two-dimensional vector graphics.

Correct Answer: D




You are designing a Web site for a customer who wants to incorporate multimedia on the site. In terms of site design, what must you consider before you begin?


A.      You must determine which file format is widely used so that site visitors will be easily able to find and install the necessary plug-ins.

B.      You must decide which format is proprietary to a specific plug-in so that visitors will not be able to easily copy your work to another site.

C.      You must consider the cost you will need to charge site visitors for downloading and installing the necessary plug-ins to view the site’s multimedia.

D.      You must not implement multimedia that requires a plug-in because you do not know whether plug-ins will work in multiple browser types and versions.

Correct Answer: A




Where do SVG files render?


A.      On the client side

B.      On the server side

C.      In the XML markup

D.      In the Flash plug-in

Correct Answer: A




Consider the following code:





 <director>Michael Curtiz</director>



What kind of code is shown in the preceding example?


A.      XML

B.      HTML

C.      VBScript

D.      activescript

Correct Answer: A




Processes that take client input, perform functions on the Web server and then return content to the Web browser are known as:


A.      scripting languages.

B.      client-side technologies.

C.      server-side technologies.

D.      hyperthreading technologies.

Correct Answer: C




Kylee is creating a Flash animation banner. The banner is advertising a company’s change of ownership. In the banner, the old company logo needs to morph into the new logo. What is the best way for Kylee to do this?


A.      Create a shape tween between the old and the new logos.

B.      Create a motion tween between the old and the new logos.

C.      Convert the logos into symbols and create a shape tween between the old and the new logos.

D.      Convert the logos into symbols and create a motion tween between the old and the new logos.

Correct Answer: A




Marcos is writing a client-side JavaScript that asks the user to type a dollar amount that will be used to compute a loan payment amount. Which of the following methods can Marcos use to ask the user for input?


A.      alert(Please enter the loan amount.);

B.      msgbox(Please enter the loan amount.);

C.      prompt(Please enter the loan amount., );

D.      input(Please enter the loan amount., Loan Calculation);

Correct Answer: C




Which of the following file types does not require a plug-in to be installed in the browser?


A.      ASP

B.      PDF

C.      SVG

D.      SWF

Correct Answer: A



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