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SVG files can be defined as:

A.      a bitmap photo format.

B.      a cross-platform image-rendering plug-in.

C.      a proprietary plug-in for displaying Flash files.

D.      a way to describe two-dimensional graphics in XML.

Correct Answer: D




Jason is attempting to gain unauthorized access to a corporate server by running a program that enters passwords from a long list of possible passwords. This type of attack is known as a:


A.      brute-force attack.

B.      forced-entry attack.

C.      buffer overflow attack.

D.      denial-of-service attack.

Correct Answer: A




While designing a Web site for a customer, you are asked to add several photographic images to one of the pages. Which format would be best suited for this type of image?


A.      GIF

B.      TIFF

C.      BMP

D.      JPEG

Correct Answer: D




During a project meeting, Anna is explaining the requirements for a development server. Which of the following items should be identical between the development server and the production server?


A.      The motherboard chip set

B.      The operating system configuration

C.      The manufacturer of the hard disk drive

D.      The amount of unused space on the hard disk drive

Correct Answer: B




Kristi is developing a Web site for Roscoe Carnival Supplies. Roscoe’s CEO has provided several JPG images that he wants to include on the home page of the site. As Kristi begins to design the page, she realizes that she cannot achieve the tight design she wants because many of the images have excess white space around them. What should Kristi do to solve the problem?


A.      Crop the image to reduce excess white space.

B.      Modify the image’s height and/or width dimensions.

C.      Delete the layer with the most white space from the JPG file.

D.      Modify the image’s resolution to reduce unneeded white space.

Correct Answer: A




Kim is using a proprietary HTML application to create code for a Web page. Currently, the application is set to use HTML 4.01, according to a request from Kim’s supervisor. Kim wants the code to be as XHTML-compliant as possible, in case of an upgrade. Which of the following should she do?


A.      Configure the application to use UTF-8.

B.      Insert embedded style sheets for all pages.

C.      Insert an XHTML 1.0 Transitional <!DOCTYPE> tag.

D.      Enable the application to insert ending tags for all code.

Correct Answer: D




You have created an animation using a commercial software package. You decide that you want the animation sequence to play faster without frame loss. The frame delay rate is set to 30 (30/100 second). In order to increase the speed of the sequence, you should:


A.      decrease the rate to less than 30.

B.      increase the rate to more than 30.

C.      insert additional frames in the animation.

D.      decrease the number of frames in the animation.

Correct Answer: A




The best use of an XHTML table is to:

A.      display tabular data.

B.      create complex layouts.

C.      occupy the entire space of a Web page.

D.      generate fluid design using percentages.

Correct Answer: A




You are creating a Web site that uses a large graphics image containing more than 256 colors on its main page. You do not want to reduce the image size or the resolution. One method to reduce the perceived load time of the graphic is to:


A.      divide the image into slices.

B.      reduce the color depth of the image.

C.      convert the file into a GIF 89a format.

D.      convert the image into a BMP2 format.

Correct Answer: A




You are creating a Web site for a customer. You will use an external linked style sheet for controlling the style of elements and giving a consistent look and feel to the site. Which of the following best describes this external style sheet?


A.        A text file that uses the .css file name extension and contains only style definitions

B.        A text file that uses the .htm file name extension and contains only style definitions

C.        A text file that uses the .css file name extension and contains style definitions and HTML formatting tags

D.        A text file that uses the .htm file name extension and contains style definitions and HTML formatting tags

Correct Answer: A



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